Top 5 Easy scholarships with straightforward application processes



Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship

Cappex offers a monthly scholarship that is easy to apply for. Students simply need to create a Cappex profile and answer a short survey. The Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship is a scholarship opportunity provided by Cappex, a platform that connects students with colleges and scholarships. This scholarship is known for its straightforward application process, making it accessible to a wide range of students.

The Cappex scholarship amount is not fixed, it varies and a draw is made every month. It is open to high school students, college students, and graduate students. The scholarship has rolling monthly deadlines which the interested applicant should take note of. You can always meet the next month if you miss your deadline for the month.

Application Process: To apply, students need to create a Cappex profile, which includes information about their academic and extracurricular achievements, as well as their college preferences. Once the profile is complete, students are automatically entered into the monthly drawing. There is no additional application or essay required.


Cappex conducts monthly drawings, and winners are selected randomly. If you are selected, you will be notified by Cappex.

To stand a better chance at winning the Cappex scholarship, you should ensure that your Cappex profile is comprehensive and accurately reflects your achievements. This information is used not only for the scholarship but also to match you with colleges and other scholarship opportunities. Regularly update your profile with any new accomplishments or changes in your academic status. This ensures that your profile remains current and increases your chances of being matched with relevant opportunities.

ScholarshipPoints Scholarship

The ScholarshipPoints Scholarship is an award program that provides students with the opportunity to earn scholarships by participating in various activities on the ScholarshipPoints website. They offer monthly scholarships and the platform rewards students with points for engaging in activities such as taking surveys, reading educational articles, and participating in other online events. The more points you accumulate, the higher your chances of winning.


The scholarship amount varies monthly and it is open to high school students, college students, and graduate students. It has an ongoing application process; you can apply at any time of the month.

Application process: First create an account on the ScholarshipPoints website. The registration process is usually straightforward and free. Earn scholarship points by engaging in activities such as taking surveys, reading articles, and any other online events available on the platform. As you participate in activities, you accumulate scholarship points. The more points you earn, the more entries you can submit into monthly scholarship drawings. The number of points required for each entry may vary.

If you win a scholarship, ScholarshipPoints will typically notify you through email or other communication channels. Make sure to check your notifications regularly.


Keep an eye out for new scholarships as ScholarshipPoints occasionally introduces new scholarship opportunities. Stay updated on the platform to discover any new scholarship programs. Encourage friends and peers to join ScholarshipPoints and participate in activities. Some platforms offer referral bonuses that can contribute to your point total.

“You Deserve It” Scholarship by ScholarshipOwl

The “You Deserve It” Scholarship by ScholarshipOwl is an award program designed to provide financial support to students pursuing higher education. ScholarshipOwl is an online platform that streamlines the scholarship application process by allowing students to apply for multiple scholarships with a single application.

The “You Deserve It” scholarship is open to all U.S. residents at least 16 years old who are planning to attend college or a university. The scholarship amount is not fixed and varies monthly and applications go on every month.

 Application Process: To apply for the “You Deserve It” Scholarship, first visit the ScholarshipOwl website, create an account and set up your profile. Fill out your profile information, including details about your academic background, extracurricular activities, and other relevant information. Once your profile is complete, ScholarshipOwl’s system will automatically match you with scholarship opportunities, including the “You Deserve It” Scholarship.

Winners for the “You Deserve It” Scholarship are typically selected on a monthly basis. Keep an eye on notifications and announcements for updates.

ScholarshipOwl provides access to multiple scholarship opportunities beyond the “You Deserve It” Scholarship. Explore other scholarships that align with your profile.

Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway

The Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway provides students with the chance to win up to $100,000 in tuition. The application process involves creating a profile and submitting a video explaining how you’ll change the world. Dr Pepper, a well-known beverage company, sponsors this scholarship initiative as a way to assist students in pursuing their academic goals.


The giveaway is open to U.S. residents who are at least 18 years old and are enrolled in an accredited college or university. The application period for the giveaway typically opens in the fall, and participants must submit their videos by the specified deadline.

Application Process: The primary requirement for this scholarship is the submission of a video explaining how winning tuition money would positively impact the applicant’s life and help them achieve their educational goals. Create a video that effectively communicates your story, highlighting why winning tuition support is essential for your education. Be genuine and compelling in your presentation.

Your video entry should be submitted through the official Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway website. Some phases of the giveaway involve public voting. Encourage your friends, family, and community to support your entry by voting for your video. Winners are typically selected based on the merit of their video entries. The scholarship committee evaluates the content, creativity, and impact of each submission.

If you are selected as a winner, you will be notified by Dr Pepper. The notification process may include contacting you directly and announcing the winners through various channels.

Chegg $1,000 Monthly Scholarship

The Chegg $1,000 Monthly Scholarship is an award program offered by Chegg, a company known for its online textbook rental and student services. Chegg offers a monthly scholarship where you can answer a few short questions to be entered into the drawing.

The Chegg $1000 monthly award is open to U.S. residents who are at least 16 years old and are enrolled or planning to enroll in a college or university. There is no fixed application deadline for the award as it involves a monthly draw.

Application Process: Apply for the scholarship by completing the online entry form on the Chegg website. The entry form typically includes a short answer to a specified question or providing information relevant to the monthly theme. You can go to the Chegg scholarship page to find information about the $1,000 Monthly Scholarship.

The scholarship is typically awarded through random drawings. Winners are selected monthly, so keep an eye on announcements and notifications. If you are selected as a winner, follow the instructions provided by Chegg to claim your $1,000 scholarship prize.

To stand a higher chance of winning the Chegg $1000 award, stay up to date with the monthly themes as questions may arise from them. Tailor your entry to address the theme or question provided and give thoughtful and genuine responses in your entry. Consider submitting entries regularly to increase your chances of being selected in one of the drawings.

Follow Chegg on Social Media: Stay updated on Chegg’s social media platforms for announcements, reminders, and information about the scholarship program. If you win, Chegg will typically notify you through email or other communication channels. Be sure to check your notifications regularly.

Other easy scholarship awards

Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation: The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation offers various quizzes where students can win scholarships based on their general knowledge.

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship: Unigo provides unique scholarships like the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship, which asks students to imagine their plan to avoid zombies and explain their escape route.

Niche “No Essay” College Scholarship: Niche offers a monthly “No Essay” scholarship with a simple sign-up process. It’s open to all high school, college, and graduate students. The scholarship is worth $2000. All you need to do is signup on their website and fill the forms indicating interest in the scholarship. “Be Bold” Scholarship: offers the “Be Bold” scholarship, which requires a short response to a given prompt. The application process is straightforward.

While these scholarships may have more accessible application processes, it’s essential to pay attention to eligibility criteria and deadlines. Also, keep in mind that the competition for easy scholarships can still be significant, so apply to multiple opportunities to increase your chances of receiving financial aid. Also, always verify the legitimacy of the scholarship providers and be cautious of any scholarships that require a fee to apply.


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